Top 10 reasons to stage a property for sale


  1. Staging adds value to the property
  2. Spends less time on the market
  3. Builds an emotional connection  
  4. Buyers can visualize themselves living in the property as their future home
  5. Staging can hide flaws and shows flow to untraditional or difficult floor plans
  6. Professionally staged homes in professional photos receive more interest than unstaged homes
  7. Buyers can see the different uses of each room
  8. Staging makes a home seem larger
  9. If potential buyers would like the convenience of a turn key property, staged items are for sale
  10. A professionally staged property outshines the competition

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Get more listings, increase your credibility and be more competitive by offering staging as a part of your listing services.  Discussing the importance of staging with your clients gives you a competitive edge over other real estate agents, builders or flippers. 

HGTV shows are hot, and people love watching the transformation of a property.  The common element in all of those shows is professional staging!


Staging:  adds value.

Price reductions:  do not.  In fact price reductions can seem to devalue a property.

Staging:  elicits an emotional connection.

Price reductions:  do not.

Staging:  shows buyers how to use space.

Price reductions:  do not.

Staging:  solves space and maintenance issues.

Price reductions:  do not.

Staging:  Initial investment is often times much less than first price reduction.

Price reductions:  often cost more than staging cost.